Really, Media Matters?

A lot of outlets are breaking news about the recent comments made by Media Matters For America (MMFA) chairman and founder, David Brock.  Starting at the Politico, Brock is reported to have stated that MMFA has moved from a goal of strategic containment of Fox News Channel to a war against the cable news outlet.  As reported, Brock said this new strategy will utilize “guerilla warfare and sabotage” as part of MMFA’s campaign to destroy Fox.   

Along with the story comes the question raised by several conservative commentators and writers: Is MMFA violating the law by using its non-profit, tax exempt status, to advocate for a particular political cause?  In the Washington Examiner, Mark Tapscott examines that question closely.  However, it takes a lot of conjecture to come to the conclusion that MMFA would be violating tax law.  Yet, it may be worthwhile to consider whether Brock’s statements will prove dispositive in a future tortuous interference claim by Fox against MMFA. 

What this issue does highlight is the apparent, glaring, hypocrisy of these non-profit, left-wing groups.  Millions of dollars are donated to MMFA and its cousins,, Color for Change, Center for American Progress, and many others.  This money passes to these entities without the burden of taxation and is used for their various advocacy activities.  And without paying a dollar to the government in order to stamp out the social injustices they rail about, these entities complain about the wealth and revenue of corporations, small business owners, and the rich.   Sure, the argument against this point most likely would be that through its tax exempt status, MMFA can do more with its money to support the causes it believes in.  But, that sounds similar to any business owner’s argument against higher taxes – where she wants to put her money toward her employees or her business or her family and community, because those are the things she believes in.

For some compiled information on the backgrounds and funding of various left wing organizations, take a look at Ron Arnold’s Left Tracking Library here.

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